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Easy Expat Health Insurance for Europe and UK residents

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Travel insurance is designed to ensure you don’t lose a ton of money if an emergency occurs abroad. Since most health insurance programs don’t cover you abroad and credit cards offer really limited protection, buying travel insurance is something you should definitely protect against the unknown.

How can you find the right Expat Health Insurance for Europe and UK residents?

Living outside of your home country has many incredible experiences to offer, but getting stuck in the world without a health care plan is not one of them. If you are an expat person or family living and travelling abroad, or if you are a missionary or career volunteer, you need options that make sense for your global lifestyle. If you need to seek medical attention and treatment while outside your home country, you will likely want to invest in a quality international health insurance plan.

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Health Insurance plan benefits:

  1. Hospital care for hospitalized patients.
  2. Ambulatory care
  3. Preventive care and wellness
  4. Emergency medical evacuation
  5. Dentistry and vision (generally optional accessories)
  6. Global coverage and provider networks
  7. Optional coverage in your country of origin/origin.
  8. Direct payment options at a network provider.
  9. Renewable every year until you determine an end/end date.

“We enjoyed helping you book your dream vacation. Now let us help you protect your investment in your trip. We work with InsureMyTrip to offer our clients hand selected plans that will help protect your trip from a number of different perils. Together our agency and InsureMyTrip will be here for you before, during and after your trip.” 

Travel Insurance by InsureMyTrip

Travel Insurance Plan Benefits for Europe and UK residents :

Emergency medical assistance abroad

24-hour coverage for medical evacuations, ambulances, funeral arrangements and more.
Emergency medical and hospital costs abroad
If you need to go to the hospital suddenly because of an injury or illness, you are covered for hospitalizations, surgery, and emergency dental treatment.

Accommodation and travel expenses.

If you are sick or injured and cannot get home, travel insurance will cover your incidental additional accommodation and travel costs.

Family emergency

You are covered for your unexpected travel expenses if a close relative, or the person you are travelling with dies unexpectedly, or is disabled or injured and needs to be hospitalized. 

Cover for your travel companion

If your travel companion is no longer able to continue your vacation due to injury or illness, travel insurance will reimburse any unforeseen accommodation or travel expenses.

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Resumption of the trip.

If you need to return home due to a death in the family or serious illness requiring hospitalization and you are a close relative, your flights will be covered to take you home. 

Hospital cash grant

If you die within 12 months of your trip due to an injury you experienced while on vacation, a death payment is offered.

Permanent disability

An amount that will be given to you per day if you are hospitalized for more than 2 days abroad. 

If you lose your sight or limb while on vacation, you will be paid a disability payment for at least 12 months after you return home.

Loss of income

If you are injured while travelling and are no longer able to work. You will be paid a loss of earnings benefit for a specified period of time.

Fraud and credit card replacement

You will be reimbursed for any costs for replacing your credit cards. For any fraudulent use, in case of loss or theft on your trip.

Travel Insurance by InsureMyTrip

Theft of cash, Traveler’s checks and Travel documents

You will be reimbursed for any costs to replace your passport, travel documents or traveller’s checks if they are lost or stolen on your trip. And if your cash is stolen, you’re covered.

Luggage, personal effects and delays

You are covered if your things are lost or stolen during your trip.
If your luggage is more than 12 hours late and you need to buy some clothes, travel insurance will reimburse you for these costs in moderation. You can’t buy a Gucci bag and claim it on your travel insurance, for example!

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Cancellation fees and lost deposits

You are covered by any cancellation fees and deposits lost for your prepaid travel prepayments if you are unable to make your planned flights or accommodation due to circumstances beyond your control, such as illness, injury, strike or natural disaster. Fully understand cancellation coverage to know when it’s covered.

Interruption of your trip

If your flight is delayed more than 6 hours, you will be reimbursed for your food and any unforeseen accommodation you may have to pay.

Alternative transportation

If you are delayed and are unable to hold a pre-planned event, such as a wedding, funeral, conference, or any prepaid tour, travel insurance will pay for alternative transportation costs.

Personal responsibility

Legal liability coverage, including legal expenses for bodily injury or property damage of others as a result of a claim against you.

Domestic services

Some insurers even offer cleaning services if you are injured or disabled when you return home.

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