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Affordable and Excited Travel Insurance for Students – UK & EU

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Affordable and Excited Travel Insurance for Students – UK & EU


Affordable and Excited Travel Insurance for Students – UK & EU


Student travel insurance is nothing more than simple travel insurance. The only difference is that only students can avail this insurance. It gives you a lot of mental satisfaction because, as a student, you’re always on a tight budget. Affordable and excited travel insurance for students to travel freely to explore cultures by visiting new sites.

It also helps a student study abroad by assisting in traveling and doing recreation along with education. You can also enjoy the perks of having student travel insurance if you have taken a gap year during your education.

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Types of student travel insurances:

Student travel insurance is the most broad-spectrum insurance package. Many types of insurance are available for students in a single package. Following are some of the types of travel insurance available for students.

Backpacker travel insurance:

If you are a student with an age less than 50 years, you are eligible for the backpacker travel insurance for the students. The backpacker travel insurance is best for those students who want to trek for a long time and at higher altitudes. It is also best for those students who have a tight budget and want to get a good quality travel insurance policy. It helps the enthusiasts to enjoy freely and spend their holiday trekking without any fear of expenditure.

The duration covered in the backpacker travel insurance for students is 15 months but can be extended up to 18 months. It means that you can freely roam here and there and can go trekking without the mental stress of budget or anything else. It is the best package for adventure-loving students that are included in the affordable and excited travel insurance for students

Multi-trip travel insurance:

Multi-trip travel insurance is a one-time insurance policy that lasts for one whole year and covers your traveling needs. In this annual insurance package, you will have to pay only once a year and enjoy various short and long trips according to your needs. You can also get a group of 10 or more people insured regarding traveling for the whole year if you travel with your friends.

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Whenever you plan a tour with your family, friends, or induvial, one thing you should have in your mind is to avoid all those things that can spoil your trip. You have the same thoughts even when you are traveling solo. In this case, a travel insurance plan will ensure that nothing should be there that can spoil your trip.

seniors travel insurance


Suits for those are travelling…

The multi-trip annual travel insurance is suitable only for those people who travel a lot (multiple times in a year). For such people, individual trip insurances cost too much. So, it’s crucial to take travel insurance to save yourself from the high costs of traveling and other expenditures.

When your only task is to travel to different locations at different times of the year, the probability of problems during the trip also increases. So, you must have an insurance policy to enjoy your travels in a better way. It is the best way to go for students with a gap year.

Single trip travel insurance:

Single trip travel insurance is not that suitable for students, but still, they have an option. They can avail of it if they want to. In single trip travel insurance, your age must be less than 89 years. It is suitable for you if you travel less frequently.

The single trip travel insurance is suitable for those people who travel once or twice a year. But if you are a frequent traveler or a student who travels from time to time to visit home and then back to an educational institution, then taking annual multi-trip travel insurance is suitable and economical.

What is covered in student travel insurance?

Following are some of the essential things included in affordable and excited travel insurance for students. These are the reasons which you should take annual travel insurance.

  • Charges of ticketing are incurred due to the cancelation of the flight, as flight cancelation is the worst thing at the start of your trip, and it can spoil the whole tour plan.
  • To compensate for the personal expenses due to the delay of the flight. It includes the charges for meals and room rental charges.
  • To compensate for the loss of the baggage. And this is the worst thing that can occur with you during a trip.
  • To compensate for the loss of your passport or other important documents. 
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More Essential things about travel insurance:

  • Take care of your medical payments (in case of emergencies and routine, including dental issues). Even if you have a dental issue, it will also cover it in the insurance policy.
  • To safely rescue or evacuate you from any emergency and to compensate for its charges. It is applicable in case of an emergency evacuation from situations like earthquakes, land-sliding, etc.
  • To compensate for fraudulent activities like theft of your wallet or the misplacing of your credit or debit cards. In the case of cards, you must report within 12 hours of theft or loss; otherwise, you may have to face difficulty while filing a claim application.

seniors travel insurance


what does student insurance cover?

So, being a student and a traveler, if you are interested enough and want to have international travel insurance for students, we provide the best travel insurance services. You can contact them anytime through their customer support service that’s available 24 hours. You can get your queries and answers in just a single phone call to confirm their travel insurance packages.

Globelink provides the best and affordable and excited travel insurance for students . They offer various packages for the travel insurance of students that travel internationally. Their student packages are quite reasonable and match the tight budgets of students.

Globelink International Covered
Ideal Travel Insurance for International Students check
Gap Year for Students check
Over 100 Adventure Activities are included as standard check
Coverage for Medical Expenses and Repatriation check
365 days a year, 24 hours a day Assistance in Multiple Languages check
Trip duration of up to 15 months is possible, with extensions of up to 18 months. check
Regular or Comprehensive policies check
Backpacker / Globetrekker Travel Insurance cover check
Cancellation and curtailment insurance check
Personal Liability Insurance check
Place of residence is UK, EU and EEA check
Also available in Australia, New Zealand and South African passport holders currently living in the UK or EU. check
Covid-19 travel insurance check

Ideal for persons under the age of 51 and backpackers on a tight budget seeking a no-frills Emergency
Medical Travel Insurance insurance.

*Cancellation or curtailment – up to a total of £2,000
*Emergency Medical Expenses – up to a total of £5,000,000
*Baggage – none
Standard Globetekkers Insurance Product Information


Provides great Emergency Medical Expenses coverage as well as other protection such as Baggage cover, Money, Passport, Personal Accident, and so on.
*Cancellation or curtailment – up to a total of £2,000
*Emergency Medical Expenses – up to a total of £5,000,000
*Baggage – up to a total of £1,000
Globetekkers standard plus Insurance product information


Single Trip Travel Insurance is intended for those aged 18 to 89 who are traveling individually or as part of a package tour for a maximum of 15 months.
Cancellation or curtailment – up to a total of £6,000
Emergency Medical Expenses – up to a total of £10,000,000
Baggage – up to a total of £3,000
Single trip Insurance product information


Aimed towards backpackers under the age of 51 on a restricted budget for up to 18 months. The majority of adventure sports are covered for free.
*Cancellation or curtailment – up to a total of £2,000
*Emergency Medical Expenses – up to a total of £5,000,000
*Baggage – up to a total of £1,000
Backpacker Insurance product information


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